What is this website all about?

This website provides the latest and necessary information on selling products and services to various government agencies. Head Exposed is like a one-stop center teaching readers how to start and succeed in selling their company’s goods to the Federal Government and other corporations. We also created this website for those interested in successfully landing a contract with the government and at the same time want to expand their contacts and resources by communicating with other members with the same interest.

What does Head Exposed offer?

Aside from the free website contents on government procurement, Head Exposed offers ebooks on different business areas, aiding those who would like to do business with the government and other companies. Through these, readers will get the chance to understand more thoroughly the procedures to land that most prized contract.

Are there rules to follow in doing business with the government?

Yes, there are contracting principles and practices that need to be familiarized with when doing business with the government. Since the government is actually spending billions of dollars each year purchasing services and products, the government has set some policies and procedures for the vendors to comply. The Federal Acquisition Regulation or F.A.R is the compilation of the federal contracting principles and practices. One needs to review and master the policies so that doing business with the government would be an easier task.

“I only have a small business. Do I have a chance in winning a contract?”

The federal government does not always choose the big companies. Basically, the amount of the bid and the largeness of the company do not really affect the decisions of the federal government on who’s going to win the contract. If you show them your willingness, perseverance and the good value of your services and products, you have a big chance to win that contract. You also need to present your products and services in the most convincing way. Lastly, mastering the principles and practices provided in the FAR also boosts your chance to win.

“Do I need to make/submit a business proposal?”

Yes. Business proposals are one of the most important key in winning a government contract. Through your proposal, the government will know about your company, your value and your advantage over the others. This will enable the government to know which company would fit best. Your proposal is also a way for the government to know how they will handle you if ever you win.

Showcasing your capability also helps in highlighting that you are a good planner. You need to show them that you are capable. Most importantly, you need to let the government know through your proposal that both of the parties will win if your company will be chosen.


“How can I subscribe to your Mini Course?”

On the middle right side of the home page, there are empty boxes asking you to key in your name and email address. You should type in and check on your email address for the confirmation link. If you do not receive the email within about 5 minutes, check your spam folder.

If you have already received the email, click the link it provided and you will be automatically subscribed to our newsletter. You are now eligible to receive emails and updates from us regularly.

Does Government and Corporation Procurement also apply for small-scale businesses?

Yes, the government is open for any size and type of business as long as the products and services offered are legal and the contractor completes the necessary requirements to land a contract to work with the government. Head Exposed discusses further how even small businesses can qualify for a government contract bid and land a contract with the federal government. The Government Procurement Exposed ebook, for instance, contains the latest information on how the United States government deals with small and large-scale businesses. Whether you have a small or big business, this website will guide you as you deal with the federal government.

“How do I download the ebooks and how much does it cost?”

Head Exposed’s flagship product, Government Procurement Exposed (with bonuses), costs $29.99. You may click the “download now” icon corresponding to the product (found on the Products page). You will be directed to a new window where you will find sections for Vendor Information, Products Selected for Purchase, Buyer Information, Payment Information, Authorization and Total and Terms and Conditions. Carefully read the details on the page and fill up the information needed. Tick the checkbox below where it reads “I authorize the charge to my account for the sum of $29.99…” Also click the terms and conditions link before going any further. Finally, click the PayPal icon located below the page to buy the product. All personal information you will submit will be kept private in our database for security purposes.

“What other benefits do I get for availing the Head Exposed eBooks?”

Head Exposed takes pride in its set of eBooks dedicated to strengthen your business. We will provide business-inclined individuals, partnerships, and even corporations valuable information as they deal with the Federal Government and even corporations.

By availing our ebooks, you will also receive extra databases that contain lists of government agencies, franchises, certifications and universities in the United States. This package comes free when you avail the ebook. It includes 4 spreadsheets containing:

3000 Colleges and Universities Database

300 National Franchises and Corporations Database

200 Government Agencies Database

100 National Certifications for Procurement Database

Each contains contact details that you need to start your business. These perks will only be available when you buy the GPE ebook. This limited offer lets you save $158 as much as you can earn more than you have cashed out.

We also offer other freebies together with the ebooks on corporation procurement such as tips to buy at the price, dealing with suppliers, etc.

What mode of payment is acceptable to buy the product online?

PayPal is the acceptable mode of payment. If you have Coupon Codes, you may use them together with the rest of your payment through PayPal.

“I can’t view the contents of the eBook, how can I open it?”

The contents of the eBook are stored in PDF (Portable Document Format) files. You will need to download Adobe Acrobat Reader to be able to read this file type.  Go to http://get.adobe.com/reader/ for a free download. Just click on the download button and follow the succeeding instructions to download and install in your computer. When you already have the software installed and working properly, double click on the PDF file and it should automatically open. If you still cannot read the file, try to right click the PDF file and select the “Open With” option and click on Adobe Acrobat Reader.

“How can I send my any inquiries, complaints or suggestions regarding the product and services?”

If you wish to know more about the product, you may send you queries to this email address:

[email protected]

For purchasing concerns, you may contact the vendor directly through:


244 Fifty Avenue, Suite N252

New York, NY 10001

To send your suggestions, complaints and other related concerns regarding the product and services offered by Head Exposed, you may go to the “Contact Us” tab located at the top part of the website and submit your name, email address, subject and your message. All submitted information will be kept private.We

Is the registration and subscription free?

Registering to become a member is free. Subscription is also free; you just need to provide us with your name and email address to gain instant access to our mini courses and newsletters. Verify your subscription details by opening the link sent to the email address you provided. After verification, you will be able to receive updates and the links to our mini courses.


Privacy Policy

Important: This Privacy Policy applies to all of the products, services, and websites offered by Head Exposed, its subsidiaries and/or affiliated companies.

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What is this website all about?

This website provides the latest and necessary information on selling products and services to various government agencies...

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