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Women and members of the cultural minority are categorized as underprivileged in the field of entrepreneurship. This sad reality is being combated by companies and government agencies which are acquiring their products and services. Government procurement has paved the way for these groups to flourish in handling government projects.

Women and Minorities Procurement Exposed gives a more detailed presentation of how government procurement works. This ebook contains up to date information about negotiating, bidding and writing proposals; it also includes 2 bonus reports about funding your business and writing a winning proposal. Moreover, this offers the following:

  • The present and future condition of government procurement vis-à-vis the business owners and companies that fuel the industry’s growth.
  • An assessment of minorities and women in the field of government procurement plus the laws and regulations protecting them.
  • The federal acquisition:
  • Laws and regulations governing the different states of America such as Federal Acquisition Regulations (FAR) and how they work for your own benefit.
  • Factors to be observed in government acquisition such as contract vehicles, workload, costs, purchasing, acquisition types and necessary sources.
  • Important elements to consider when making acquisitions like tradeoffs, description of item or service, logistics, funds, etc.
  • The most common mistakes in government procurement and ways to avoid committing the big errors.
  • The Small Business Act, its programs to assist small businesses and the requirements to apply for such.
  • The Central Contractor Registration System (CCR) or the database of all government procurement transactions- – how to be a registrant and how to undergo the system.
  • Types of government procurement, contracts and how to choose the best for your company.
  • Useful tips in winning Government Contracts.

Women and minorities, this is your time to shine! Turn your disadvantages to huge advantages, use this ebook and make it big in the government procurement industry! Click the banner below and unleash your power within!

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