5 Ways to Write Winning B2B Proposals

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The general consensus is that it takes a lot of effort and time to come up with B2B proposals. More than 50 percent of those who send out a B2B proposal via e-mail hear nothing back. The disappointment convinces some to abandon the attempt entirely. They’re probably lacking something essential or a wow factor in their proposals. Whatever the case, it is possible to make a winning B2B proposal that can help you secure big corporate clients and business contracts. Use these tips to your advantage.

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1. Know your client.

Before composing the proposal itself, gather all the important information you need on your client. You will use the information you have to make personalized, unique proposals.

2. Create customized, personalized content.

Some companies receive a bulk of B2B proposals in a year. More often, a huge portion of these proposals end up in the scrap pile. It’s important then to customize or personalize content for every new client you send a proposal to. This can help increase the chances for your proposal to stand out and be given the time of day. Use the information you have on a specific client to tailor the format, style, and content of your proposal to that same client’s needs and functions.

To speed up the process of creating proposals, create a standard B2B business proposal template or a typical format that allows room for editing and customization. You can look up some business proposals samples online for reference.

3. Be professional, clear, and specific.

Do not beat around the bush. Be direct and clear as you describe the most important details like deliverables, accomplishment reports, implementation plans, how you will provide the products or services, the individuals who will be in charge of specific tasks including their qualifications and background, etc. Note that you will be addressing the decision-makers of the company so it’s imperative to infuse formality and professionalism in your composition.

4. Engage clients by explaining how you can meet their

b2b business proposals

 needs and solve their problems.

Essentially, potential clients want to know how your products or services can contribute to their business or company. In your proposal, identify specific issues your products or services can effectively address and how they can impact the client’s business.

5. Illustrate examples of how your products or services have been beneficial to other clients.

Potential clients definitely need reassurance that your products and services are worthwhile and live up to what you claim to achieve. The best way to enforce reassurance is to provide factual examples or case studies of how your products or services have impacted other clients in the past. Emphasize the strengths of your products or services. Include a representative list of your best clients for reference.

Writing B2B business proposals can become an effective marketing tool—an edge over other business competitors if you make it enticing enough that it prompts potential clients to respond. You’d want your proposal to be the one potential client would single out and say, “This is exactly what I need”.

What are your business proposal writing concerns? Feel free to air them out. Or if you have best practices to share, write them below.

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