Deciding to Pursue Government Projects- Go or No?

government projects

Pursuing government projects must not be done impulsively. Before you start to write a response for an RFP, it is imperative to weigh all options very cautiously. While working for the government seems safe, several things need to be taken into account. There are some instances when some parts of the contract do not match the best interests of the company. It is also possible that you are not confident to deliver on all the requirements. In such cases, it is better to just concentrate the resources somewhere else. Before deciding to pursue any projects government offer, there are some factors that need to be taken into consideration.

The first thing to consider when evaluating the appropriateness of federal government projects is whether the requested project response is an RFP or an RFI. An RFP project indicates that the aim of the government is to buy while an RFI project means that the government is inquiring about the market for the particular products or services. On the other hand, an RFI can possibly turn into an RFP. This is why it is highly important to take into consideration whether or not a particular service or product or sets itself apart off the market.

A significant role may be played by the RFP response as the RFP information will be used by the government to put a proposal together. An important caution here is to mark every private information “proprietary” all the time to make sure that the government will not use the RFP information as they see fit. Consider if the product or service requested by the RFP fits your company. It appears as if increasing the number of the RFPs you respond to will also increase the chances at winning contracts. This is not always case, however. Actually, the best RFP response is done when the right fit is fund.

When writing a response to an RFP, it is also important to focus on the contracts that match the business focus of your company very well. There are instances when an RFP appears to be a good fit for your company but it appears to be specifically written for a certain company. In this case, just go on writing a response for the RFP. Winning becomes more probable when the provided RFP information indicates that similar products or services can be offered on extra benefits, such as lower price. RFPs indicate that the government is looking to buy, it is still important to confirm with the purchasing office that the project is funded.

Once you win the contract award, make sure that other accounts will not be compromised. It appears good to grab any government project ideas and governance project that sound attractive. However, it is imperative to have several considerations before you decide to go or say no to pursue a government project. Another thing to ensure is a sustained good business relationship with the customer. In case you say no to the project but you have already been receiving RFP information from the buyer or contracting officer, send an email or letter immediately to explain you are not writing an RFP response.

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