How to Choose the Right ERP Software for Your Business

As you know, ERP or enterprise resource planning is already widely used in the business world today. At first, it was only designed for products only manufactured by certain companies. But now, it encompasses every conceivable product in various enterprises. In enterprise resource planning system, the traditional system of organization is reinforced with strategy, structure, technology and process that work hand-in-hand to make the business of ‘making business’ a lot easier and more advantageous.

Accounting V ERP

Before ERP was known as a different system, it used to be viewed as very similar to the accounting system that used to dominate the businesses worldwide. If you look closely, enterprise resource planning system is very different from accounting per se in terms of the following:

  • ERP is more enterprise-wide
  • ERP is fully scalable
  • ERP has extensive customization and functionality
  • ERP has multiple technology capabilities

ERP Software

In enterprise resource planning, you should really consider the needs of your company. It can indeed be very taxing for you if this is the first time that you will be using the enterprise resource planning system. With this, the ERP system software is designed to make things smoother for your business. With the onward movement of ERP, there are hundreds of ERP solution software to choose from such as HeliumV, Opentaps, Kuali Foundation, OFBiz, Fedena, ERP5, OpenERP, and Postbooks among others. You could browse at their specifications online to see if one of them would really make your business move a level higher.

Selecting the Right ERP Software

Although a very tedious process, there are some things to take note of to find the right ERP solution software that your company needs. Just keep focused and you’ll get there by the end of this article.

1. Analysis process

Analyzing the choices of ERP system software is one of the initial important steps in making the final selection. You should be able to have that foresight on what you really want for your business and then scrutinize which ERP solution software could really help you achieve that goal.

2. Technical fit

Make sure that your choice of ERP solution software will be able to fit your business structure and really help you achieve your maximum potential as a business.

3. Cost of ownership

One of the most important things that you have to consider is to find out the total costs and the hidden costs of the ERP system software before you actually purchase it. You can avoid heartbreak and unexpected spending through this.

4. Realistic implementation

The reality that you have to ensure about the ERP solution software that you have purchased is the functionality that it will give you after it is installed. This will definitely make you sure of the benefits that your business is going to reap from your software choice.

5. Potential benefits

Be sure to compare the number of advantages that you are going to get from your ERP solution software with the actual metrics that your business is currently facing. Your software should be able to help you lessen the costs and improve your revenue or growth.

6. Open options

Choosing the right ERP solution software is pretty much like choosing your lifetime partner. Most businesses choose their software based on what their competitors use and even on the brand. You should remember that it is better for you to choose the ERP system software that works best for your company.

7. Objective advice

There is no harm in asking contacts, employees, or colleagues about the software that they actually use. This will give you insight on what would possibly work best for your business. This is researching to validate what you already know because it is always best to learn more and not assume that you have everything that you know.

It is always best to keep an open mind in the world of enterprise resource planning. This way, you will be able to know what ERP solution software would really work for you.

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  1. Great article! Although ERP software is extremely useful, it can also be very pointless if the right one is not chosen specifically for your business. Considering this, a software reseller might also be very useful when choosing an ERP software system because resellers usually have trained consultants to help you chose the right software.

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