FedBizOpps: A Guide on How to Use the Website for Federal Business Opportunities

It’s every small business owner’s dream to engage in federal business opportunities. If everything is done right, then certainly that goal will be achieved. Years have passed and still how federal procurement is perceived still hasn’t changed. It is still seen as a very difficult and tedious endeavor. Because of the continuous studies and training performed in the field of federal procurement, many have already been familiarized with the basic processes of government procurement but it’s never enough. That is why there are various guides on how to really be successful in federal business opportunities.

Small businesses have already earned a slot in the federal budget, About 23% of it goes to small business procurement projects that government agencies are mandated to have. This encourages the small business owners to improve their products and services. In turn, government agencies are motivated to utilize what the small businesses have to offer. This is a mutually beneficial relationship that helps both parties discover and rediscover each one’s potentials.

What’s FedBizOpps?

One of the best guides that you could be in contact with when it comes to federal procurement is FedBizOpps. With this online guide to federal acquisitions, small businesses and government agencies match up and benefit from each other. Federal procurement contracts that are worth 25,000 USD and above are all listed in the FBO site. All sort of releases related to government procurement can be found in FBO.

How to Search in FBO

There are different parameters that you could use when you search n the FBO site:

  • NAICS –North American Industry Classification System code
  • Solicitation number or keyword
  • Deadline response
  • Justification and approval statutory authority
  • Procurement type or opportunity
  • Date posted
  • Recovery & Reinvestment Act action
  • Date last modified
  • Place of performance (state)
  • Award date of contract
  • Set-aside code
  • Place of performance (zip code)
  • Agency or office location
  • Classification code
  • Active v archived status

But you could also make use of the keyword box to make your search a lot faster. Just enter the solicitation number if you know it. An advanced mode of searching in the FBO site gives you the parameters shown above. Afterwards, you could choose the multiple select codes and procurement variants.

Details in Solicitation

Three columns are shown in a selected solicitation. Column number one depicts the original solicitation and the changes related to it. Column number two depicts short descriptions of the solicitation and the office responsible. Column number three has the dates and other important data like the NAICS code. There are also links provided for more information. Vendors could note their interests in the procurement contract.

Vendors Who Are Interested

Those who need partners or those who are new to federal procurement could just click on the interested vendors tab. Here, you will find interested companies in procurement. You will also find here listed information such as the types of businesses available, contact information, NAICS codes, and the name of the contact person. If you contact the interested vendors, you may have an idea as to how you will be able to complement each other as you form a procurement team.

Profile Creation

If you create a profile in FBO, you will be able to save the searches that you have made. You could even relay your interest in various procurement projects. Just click on the link to register in the vendor or citizens box. When you enter the assigned DUNS number to your company, you may already be able to get your company’s information from the CCR. You could then proceed to modify your company’s information. Click proceed again and you will be able to enter your own information as the company’s main representative or owner. You could click submit after verifying what you have entered there.


  1. Presolicitations—available solicitations posted in FBO; data that’s utilized in creating the NIH Guide
  2. Synopsis-Solicitation—the synopsis in FAR 5.203 and the issued solicitations for commercial items are combined
  3. Notices of Sources Sought—these determine if there are more than two businesses that are capable to deliver; a capability statement is requested to show how an organization could satisfy requirements
  4. Draft solicitations and RFI special notices—these promote an early exchange of information to pinpoint and solve the problems in federal acquisition
  5. Amendments and final solicitation—the description of the interface in FBO should match the transmissions to FBO
  6. Notice for Awards—the World Trade Organization Government Procurement Agreement that will result in the awarding of subcontracts should be published by means of FBO
  7. J &A (Justification and Approval)—here, the contracting officer posts the JOFOC (Justification for Other than Full and Open Competition) as mandated by FAR 6.303-1 in the FBO site according to FAR 6.305
  8. Justification of Limited Sources or Fair Opportunity—FAR 16.505 (b) states that the contracting official will publish the justification required in FAR 16.505(b)(2)(ii)(B) on the FBO site

Role of the Contracting Officer

FedBizzOpps shares the following roles of the Contracting Officer:

  • Before submitting to the Office of Acquisitions Support, the Contracting Officer needs to approve the postings first

The Role of the Office of Acquisitions Support Staff

The Office of Acquisitions Support Staff transmits the notices to the FBO site not more than 15 days before a solicitation is issued or before the solicitation/negotiation of a proposed contract action.

The Role of the Representative to the Contracting Officer

  • Works with the contract specialist to write the availability of solicitation announcements and notices (sources sought).
  • Works with the contract specialist in preparing the draft solicitation or RFI
  • Works with the contract specialist to see if the draft solicitation or RFI is advantageous
  • Works with other staff to review technical information and capability statements

The FedBizOpps is really there to help small businesses maximize their full potential in federal procurement opportunities. All you have to do is take advantage of the features and information offered by FBO so that you could get to know others in your circle and learn from their endeavors in the field of government procurement as well.

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