Getting Funds Using Crowdfunding: A New Tool for Women and Minority Entrepreneurs

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For many entrepreneurs, starting a business is a dream. Although anyone would like to start a business, the looming concept of getting the capital is the first question to be considered. After all, capital is the foundation of a business. If getting sufficient funds is hard for male entrepreneurs, it seems that getting it is harder for hopeful women and minority business owners. The reason behind this is the existence of discrimination or lesser chances of a getting a business loan if the applicant is a woman or a member of an ethnic minority.

Today, many people are trying different ways to fund their businesses. One method is crowdfunding. Crowdfunding happens when a lot of people contribute to a project or cause with small amounts of money. Usually, the funds are collected online and based on a crowdfunding website like

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For a long time, traditional sources and means of capital had been difficult for women and minority business. Using crowdfunding for small business can help in setting up their dream business using the internet and people coming from all walks of life, whether they are known or strangers.

Unlike traditional means of capital, money is given freely and without restriction from the giver. There is no interest, no loan, credit qualifications or complicated financial arrangements for the money. Any entrepreneur can share the link of his project using social networking sites.

An entrepreneur can go to crowdfunding resources like,,, and other crowdfunding sites. These sites are general crowdfunding sites but there are also specific crowdfunding sites that cater for example a particular minority group or business industry.

Crowdfunding women entrepreneurs can be a tool for many aspiring women business owners. Many women are interested to create their own business as their primary income or to supplement the household income. For many women entrepreneurs, crowdfunding can be a heaven-sent solution, especially for mothers, housewives or even professional women who are transition from employee to entrepreneur. With crowdfunding, women can start immediately with their goal to amass money before they build their respective businesses. For aspiring women entrepreneurs, the Nap Time Startups can help them start and collect their business capital. With crowdfunding sites like Nap Time Start-ups, women entrepreneurs can build their business and close the gap between businesses run by men and women.

The same can be applied to businesses run by minorities. Crowdfunding for women and minority business can help jumpstart many businesses in many industries. Crowdfunding gives them the chance to run their business, develop new products and services in addition to making a profit. The increase in the number of business in a particular industry can help boost competition and better offers from businesses. Crowdfunding sites like Nap Time Start-ups can also help empower people (in this case, women) to choose to run their businesses and expand their ideas, skills and talents.

Crowdfunding changed the game for people who wanted to make their dreams come true with the help of other people. People might have contributed only small amounts but the thought and concern coming with that cash does have a significant effect on the recipient. In many ways, crowdfunding offers not just financial solutions for entrepreneurs, women and minorities included, but also encouragement and empowerment to do something for someone, no matter how little it may be.

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