Playing along the Rules of Procurement: Inspired by Candy Crush Saga

Candy Crush Saga Playing Principles

You can learn about the simplest elements of successful business procurement even in the most unlikely places.

Candy Crush Saga, a variation of Candy Crush, is a popular Facebook and smart phone accessible video game. You might be wondering how a video game can teach you a thing or two on how to get procurement contracts. The answer lies in Candy Crush Saga playing principles.

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Candy Crush Saga may look just like any other simple “match three” game like Bejeweled. The goal is to match a minimum of three of the same sweets in the same column or row to gain points and bonuses. The more strings of sweets you match, the more points you collect. But as the game progresses, the faster it gets and the more obstacles are created that make it harder for you to finish a level. Here’s how it connects with the procurement business process.

Planning strategies and making the best moves possible.

It takes a fair exercise of logic to unlock and finish the more difficult levels in Candy Crush Saga. Although there is no time limit, you only have limited moves so it’s best to plan your moves wisely. Strategizing your moves is also important because you’re limited with only 5 lives. If you use all of them up, the game is over.

There are similarities with procurement since it also involves logic and planning. The bulk of time in procurement is spent in the early stages, which is planning. Procurement specialists determine which needs should be met, who needs to be involved, and who needs to be consulted. Although there are no “lives” that you can exhaust in procurement, you need to work around meeting strict deadlines, requirements, and limitations. The whole process is disrupted if you are unable to meet requirements.

Need-driven basis.

Candy Crush Saga is a free game, but many players are prompted to buy additional game features especially when they get to the more complicated levels. This is brought on by a need to complete the level. If a player runs out of lives, he can choose to wait 30 minutes to be given an extra life, or he can buy one for $0.99. For a player so immersed in the game, $0.99 is merely the cost of his need, which he is willing to pay for. The same principle also goes for other Candy Crush Saga resources that a player needs to acquire to move up in the game.

Procurement is driven by a need to acquire goods and services which a business or company needs to keep on thriving. Businesses or companies are willing to pay to get the goods and services they need. Of course, the most ideal scenario is that they get the goods and services they need at the most optimal price.

Encourages both competition and support.

These are two contradicting qualities, but surprisingly, Candy Crush Saga allows for both to exist without issues. Playing Candy Crush Saga in Facebook allows you to compete with your Facebook contacts. You can’t directly influence the game results of your contacts, of course, but you can monitor each other’s performance in the Top Score list. Seeing the scores of your contacts can challenge you to beat the current highest scorer. More importantly, you also need your contacts to unlock new levels and acquire resources. If you don’t get their support, you’ll have to resort to buying the in-app version of the game to continue playing.

In the same vein, competition and support also exists in the procurement industry. Potential suppliers compete with each other and send out their best proposals to secure a contract. But there are also opportunities for them to partner up and work together if the demands of a client or business cannot be met by only one supplier.


When you ask Facebook contacts to give you an extra life or a resource you need to solve the puzzle but don’t have like charms or boosters, that works a lot like solicitation in procurement.

In contract level procurement, you let potential suppliers know what you want and the requirements and terms that should be met to secure a contract with you.

A popular mobile game such as Candy Crush Saga is simple but at the same time, complex enough to entertain. Who knew that you can learn some essential elements of business procurement through Candy Crush Saga playing principles?

Ever curious as to how you can play by the book of procurement? Or do you have your own business tips inspired by Candy Crush Saga? Comment below to share them!

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