SmartProcure: New Online Service to Save Municipalities Millions

With today’s limited budgets, the government’s acquisition of goods and services needs to become more efficient. SmartProcure is a new, user-friendly information website that will help improve the government purchasing process – and it’s FREE to government agencies that provide data to the system.

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What is SmartProcure and what’s in it for the Government?

Launched by a young company in South Florida, SmartProcure is an online information service that caters to the need of government procurement officials. It offers access to a large database of government purchase orders issued by local, state, and federal agencies – which allows municipalites to make better procurement decisions. Access to information from every government purchase order enables agencies to save up to 10-40% on government acquisitions. SmartProcure also provides analytical and reporting functionalities which enable municipalities to save an enormous amount of time and effort during the procurement process. Through the launch of SmartProcure, government agencies will benefit by having access to never before available data – saving taxpayer dollars by sharing procurement data.

The yearly amount spent by 85,000+ U.S. governmental agencies is as high as $7 trillion. Combined, U.S. government municipalities represent the largest purchaser in the world.  But despite the large amount spent on procurement, the information shared among agencies is minimal. SmartProcure provides access to information with reliable pricing data and the ability to easily identify prospective vendors. The government can now truly benefit from their large collective purchasing power.

Access Available to Government Contractors

SmartProcure is also available to the companies that provide the products and services to government agencies. Government contractors no longer need to make “educated guesses” as to which government agencies or geographical region(s) have the highest interest/demand for their product or service. The online system allows companies to target specific government agencies that are purchasing their product/service, and obtain information regarding their competitors.

The traditional government procurement process of evaluating suppliers, bidding, data-gathering, etc. is a long and winding process that costs a significant amount of time, money and effort. SmartProcure allows users to easy search any product, service, part number, agency, vendor, PO number, PO description, and location. The search results can then be narrowed by utilizing the system’s numerous filters. In addition, users can conduct detailed market analyses on any product or service.

SmartProcure fosters collaboration among government agencies. It increases transparency and provides another form of checks and balances.  It transforms purchasing data into information. It is should become an essential tool to help government agencies make better acquisition decisions. 


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