Success Stories in Government Procurement

The venture of federal procurement has always been seen as a very enticing one for small businesses. It has never failed to get the attention of those aspiring entrepreneurs who want their companies to gain good press and to be along the lines of those who have accomplished projects for the government. For those of you who have given sweat and blood in making sure that your documents are flawless, your bids are perfect, and your intentions are true, yet have not been able to win contracts yet, don’t ever be discouraged. Remember that there are projects meant for you and all you have to do is know where to look and know where to match your business with.

government procurement success

Some have not been able to get picked for years already that they have started to think of federal procurement as something that’s a shot at the moon. Well, think again because serving the government DOES bring forth success to many small companies out there.

Successful Procurement Companies

Government procurement had gained the reputation of being too difficult to get involved in. But even if it’s too big of a cookie for some to eat, there are still many small entrepreneurs who never give up the fight. Here are some of the companies who have succeeded in federal procurement:

1. JR Landscaping, Inc.
This company is a landscape service company for private and public clients. They started in 2007 and by November 9, 2008, they have already been an FeCC client. FeCC helped the company in its journey to government procurement especially in the Procurement Gateway and CCR registration, among others. The company ended up being awarded a project worth 20,319.98 USD by the Fish & Wildlife Service.

2. Oil & Tramp Inc.
Non-hazardous waste disposal and treatment is what Oil & Tramp Inc specializes in. With proper assistance in registrations, certifications, and bid announcements, the company was awarded a federal contract worth 160,114.36 USD.

3. Re-Bath
This remodeling service company for private and public bathrooms started in 1979. They studies the system of government procurement very well and even acquired FeCC assistance in certifications and registrations. Eventually, the Department of the Army awarded a contract worth 109,890 USD to the company.

4. A1A Engineering & Consulting Inc.
This is a company for construction and services that have been under PTAC since February 2010. The personalized counseling given to them by PTAC enabled them to make it through the certifications and registrations. In just 6 months, the company won a contract under the US Department of Labr that was worth 19.980 USD.

5. Caribbean Micro Services
Since 1986, Caribbean Micro Services has started to provide specialized services in networking solutions. Under the guidance of PTAC since 2002, the company became more attractive to buyers from the government. It was inevitable that the company won several contracts from the Federal Aviation Administraton and the Department of the Army. The total worth of these contracts were 330, 275.94 USD.

These are only some of the small companies that have been successful in government procurement. There are other companies who even won millions of dollars worth in contracts such as Capital Building Maintenance, Inc. (1,976, 736.00 USD), Limadi Construction & Maintenance, Inc. (4,570,00.00 USD), Caribbean Outerwear Corporation (11 M USD), Mo-Ka Shoe Corporation (28, 472, 783.00 USD), and Joglar Painting & Roofing Inc. (30, 392, 114.20 USD and 5, 845, 028.00 USD).

Small businesses really have a chance at making it big. It would really help if you have the proper guidance as you go through the process of winning that coveted federal procurement contract.

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