Marketing Your Business and Some Ways to Snag a Contract

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If you’re looking for the government to be your next big client, you must market effectively to get a government contract and render the products or services that your business offers.

It might seem strange but there is still a bit of marketing going on, even if you’re bidding for a government contract. For anyone who experiences this for the first time, one might wonder about the difference between government procurement and corporation procurement.

As entities, both government and corporations need a steady supply of services and products that they can use for their needs. Companies that can provide those needs are awarded a contract in time.  Some might also say that government procurement and corporate procurement are somewhat the same.

There is truth in the matter since the business will take a single entity as a client. It is also expected that the process and requirements will be difficult, especially for first time businesses who are new to procurement in any area.

The stark difference between the types of procurement is the approach that they take to the procurement itself.

Government Procurement Exposed

A Peek into Government Procurement

In government procurement, there are specific government agencies that you can do business with. As part of the government, they are well-known and visible to the public. They are easier to contact and information about the procurement process is relatively easy to obtain. In addition, government agencies have an office which specifically deals with the procurement. Corporations also have this office but they might not as be forthcoming as compared to the procurement office of the government agency.

Another difference is that in government, the term ‘marketing’ essentially means selling. It is understood that a business is trying to sell something but the government agency cares more about the product or service being offered rather than the details or process of such offer. Also, the government agency specifically knows what they want from a business like particular product or service.

Government Procurement Tips

Marketing Plan, Anyone?

However, the business still needs a marketing plan – a marketing plan that focuses on the internal clients or customers within the agency and aligning the business’ products, services or solution to that agency’s needs.

Knowing your clients inside the government agency and assessing their needs is a crucial step. If your business is interested in a contact from a particular agency, it is best to know the agency itself and the people working with that agency. Putting your foot inside the agency isn’t just accessing or using the FedBizOpps. It means that you have to know people by actively seeking out your potential customers in the agency in many functions like the agency’s events or pre-bid matching service. Constantly getting in touch with an agency procurement officer/office is also a good idea to familiarize with the agency and its people. Networking is also a very viable option. Learning about the process and the agencies that help businesses for government procurement is a definite bonus.

A definite read for anyone who wants to make government procurement is the agency’s five year strategic plan. This document can offer a lot of information and insight in terms of service, practices and solutions that they will use. Being on the lookout in the news for any bill that the US Congress passes. In the event of a   natural disaster or any form of government project, the project itself can be your business’ next work for the following months and even years.

Even without an offer in sight, it is best to target the internal clients inside the government agency. There are three types of clients: the procurers (the procurement officers), the influences (the decision-makers on the procurements) and the end users (the people who will actually use the product of service within the government). Creating an approach for each type of client can bring the business a necessary edge. In addition meeting these people will definitely increase the likelihood of the business being picked for the contract.

Misconceptions and Issues

Although there are many misconceptions that there are preferred businesses in the procurement process (both in the corporate and government procurement), the process of procurement is not designed just for big companies or old contractors. Mostly, the government even the playing field by allowing small businesses and other business with special considerations to participate in bids. Another reason why some businesses fail to secure a contract is lack of preparation or being unfamiliar with the procurement process. These issues are not exclusive to government procurement but also procurement in corporations. Learning about the procurement process and having a bit of experience, with marketing the business for procurement are just some of the best corporate and government procurement tips.

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