Procurement in Action: The New World Trade Center in New York City

New York City is always a good place to run a business.

The Empire State has been one of the world’s top capitals and business hubs. Multinational companies often have their headquarters and main operations based in the City That Never Sleeps.

True to its moniker, people and businesses in this city never sleep and stop. Whether a business venture is small or a corporate giant, New York is one of the business venues ‘to see and be seen’.

One tragedy that New York has seen was the September 11 attacks, where two planes were hijacked and coordinated to smash into the World Trade Center. Passengers from two airlines, people working inside the buildings and innocent people below the buildings died or were critically injured. Even the police and firemen who helped in the aftermath of the attack also suffered injuries or diseases.

Nevertheless, life in New York City has to go on. The tenacity of the people of New York shows that they are unfazed by any terror inflicted on them and they can be on a more and higher level than those who wishes ill or attack them.

Slowly and surely, the City of New York is personified by the rebuilding of the destroyed World Trade Center. The rebuilding of the new World Trade Center has the same purposes – for communication, observatory and office faculties and in wake of the tragedy, even more. There is also a September 11 memorial in remembrance of lives lost during the 2001 terrorist attack.

The building of the new World Trade Center towers requires a lot of things – manpower, suppliers and services from many businesses. Like any business activity, rebuilding the New York symbol will need cooperation and participation from many entities. These entities can come from different areas and levels of government, businesses and the local people.

To ensure that the World Trade Center will rise again, procurement is needed to engage firms in offering their goods and services. Construction materials like concrete, steel, sand, glass and many others will be needed to build the structure while expertise from engineers, architects and many others are also essential in building the structure right. Of course, various amount of equipment must be provided. Other related businesses can thrive by providing support like food stalls etc.

The agency which oversees procurement for the rebuilding of the World Trade Center is the Port Authority. The State and local governments of New York and New Jersey are also heavily involved as well as the big and small businesses. The Port Authority welcomes many companies/businesses that wish to engage or help with the rebuilding of the center. Those that are interested to procure or participate in this project must pass the following criteria:

  • Quality goods and services
  • Lowest cost
  • Precise delivery at the right time

Currently, the New World Center Project is tagged at 20 billion dollars. A small and local business in New York can tap into this project and contribute not just to the projects but to the whole community and city as well. Participating in the World Trade Center can be just beyond business and procurement; it’s about reclaiming something that has been momentarily lost – physically, emotionally and psychologically.

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