Working with SUNY Procurement: An Opportunity

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In New York, there are many procurement opportunities.

Usually, small businesses provide goods and service to larger companies or government agencies (in both local and state level) in New York. It helps greatly that New York is the financial capital of the United States and one of the biggest financial centers in the whole world.

There is another opportunity for small businesses to do procurement and earn more profits. Universities, both private and public, can be a procurement opportunity for local small businesses. Universities are in constant need of supplies and services, particularly those that fulfill the needs of its student body, faculty, campus and community. Universities in New York pull a lot of magnet for a lot of students – from local New Yorkers, American students from other states and international students from other countries. Students come to New York universities to be educated and trained. Supplying and servicing these students, together with the staff and faculty, in their daily operations offers a great opportunity for local small businesses.

One university that opens its doors to procurement is the State University of New York (also known as SUNY). The State University of New York doesn’t refer to a single school or educational institution. Rather, it refers to a system of schools across the state and funded by the New York state. Currently, it has 64 campuses. The system comprises of universities, community colleges and colleges with a large student population. As the name implies, the SUNY is under the state and its procurement activities will fall under government procurement laws and procedures. In this particular context, the New York State Law guides the process.

The SUNY has a document and particular guidelines that it enforces when it comes to procurement. This document is called the SUNY Procedure 7553 Purchasing and Contracting (Procurement). This document details how SUNY conducts its procurement activities.

Although the SUNY accepts procurement from small businesses, it has a policy and hierarchy of sellers when it comes to procurement. The first category is the preferred sellers, which are often New York based businesses. These are Corcraft, NYS Preferred Source Program (NYSPSP), New York State Industries for the Disabled, INC. (NYSID) and New York State Office of Mental Health.

The next category of sellers is given State Contract Awards. The last category is businesses in the open market. If your business is planning with regards purchasing and contracting State University of New York, the business will be categorized under the second or third, depending on the business’ procurement activity.

SUNY conducts procurement in the following areas: General Procurement, Construction and Real property. As a government-affiliated university, SUNY is open from many small businesses. It also conducts procurement with businesses owned by women and minorities.

State University of New York procurement requires the approval of the following institutional leaders: The University Provost, The Chief Financial Officer , University Controller, Assistant Vice Chancellor for University life and Associate Vice Chancellor for Health Sciences and hospitals.

Take a chance and see if doing procurement with SUNY will do great for your business!

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