Link by Link: Five Tips to Build your Business Network

Business Networking

The term ‘networking’ has many meanings these days. It can used in the context of computers as well as human relationships. In today’s business, almost everybody and anybody is doing their fair bit of personal and professional networking for a variety of reasons.

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Any business can also benefit from business networking. The basic concept is there – making your business more exposed and visible to other businesses in the industry as well as your potential market. Business networking helps a lot in getting contracts, support and sales for the business. In addition, business networking might help in reaching the decision-making people that a business is trying to win. Taking pains to grow your business network and learning some business networking skills might do the trick for all mentioned purposes.


Most of the time, business networking happens in many forms like face to face communication or a more mediated way like email, websites, social and business networking sites.  Social networks, whether for personal and business use, is a fine tool to reach the people you hope to belong in your business circle. Many businesses today are also using internet marketing for businesses and the chance of interacting with them, online or offline, will be a great addition to the business’ network.

There are many ways to make your business network engaging, growing and diverse. You will never know which friend or acquaintance can help you in growing your business so open your door, lay down the carpet and start inviting people in.

Business Networking Skills

Here are some highly recommended tips:

1. Start with a conversation

Every network begins with one person/entity talking to another. It is simple yet a good way to start or grow a business network. Everything starts with a good conversation and a great impression. People often talk about similar or relevant issues in their businesses and this conversation can lead to a lasting relationship. Part of making an impression is being a good listener, a pleasant appearance and a lot of charm.

2. Be a proactive

Aside from being active in building a business network, it also pays to be an active presence in your contacts. You can show this by doing some follow-ups on some contacts or giving them alerts with business promos and offers. Make the business and yourself a constant on their online profiles. Send a Tweet or Facebook Like in their way once in a while.

3. Help

A business network is not a parasitic network. It should help members when they have problems or troubles. People appreciate any kind of help, even moral support. Help others and if you will ever be in trouble, you’ll find a handful of help in return.

4. Be positive and different

Anything positive has a good effect on people. If you are a positive person and your business is also positive, many people will be attracted. Other major attractions for people are integrity, reputation and trustworthiness. Strive to meet these characteristics in yourself and your business.  If people see these characteristics, they will come naturally.

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  1. Your blog is so informative and thanks for sharing, these tips really helpful to promote every business.

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