Cutting Tax and Doing Business with Minority-Owned-Businesses: Killing Two Birds with One Stone

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Running a business involves many things. A few crucial ingredients of businesses are passion, capital, effort and vision to build and sustain the company in the long run. The same elements are present in many businesses, including minority-owned businesses. Minority-owned businesses are like other businesses and they have their own tax benefits.

In any kind of business, capital is always a constant problem. Often, a lot of businesses don’t last because of money-related concerns. For minority owners, minority business grants can help ease the concern over the finances.

Because there are numerous minority businesses that are disadvantaged, the government implemented tax deductions for companies that are willing to work and transact with minority-owned businesses. This opportunity creates three advantages – earn profit for the minority-owned business, tax deductions for the company and avail services and products from each other.

Funding Your Small Business

Companies who wish to have tax breaks (or tax deduction) by working with minority-owned businesses have the following incentives. The first incentive is federal tax breaks for companies who procure from minority-owned businesses. Another incentive is the reducing of tax liabilities if the company chooses a minority-owned business. The business provides labor or support in completing projects or loans given by state and federal governments in form of procurement.

Apart from the federal tax incentives, there are also incentives given by various state governments. If the federal government dispenses tax breaks, the state governments can also do the same for companies that use minority firms. The state governments help minority companies using procurement. In terms of large companies, the government gives contractors and subcontracts (often private businesses) state income tax if they use minority firms as part of their business operations. The awarding of state tax incentives to companies is different from federal incentives. The former can be given to companies participating in a state level and with varying rules of the incentive program in every state.

Companies that hire minority-owned firms can also have additional incentives. Minority firms offer valuable resources like products, services and labor. These resources can benefit other larger companies in the same industries. Often, these firms give assistance and support in areas of technology, administration and production.

These federal and state tax benefits (including both tax breaks and deductions) are given by the government (in state and federal level). The recipients are various companies and the goal is to encourage them to do business with minority firms. At the same time, it provides a method for the latter firms to earn money besides government procurement. These tax benefits are simply a sign of encouragement to even the playing field and provide equal opportunities possible for every business.

For private companies, tax deductions and breaks are a big help. Large companies are subject to many kinds of taxes from the government with added expenses on resources, personnel and other busyness elements of operations. Teaming up with a minority firm is an advantage in so many levels, including the minority-owned business tax benefits that the partnership brings.

An added benefit is a firm that can be a good partner to do some serious businesses.

What about you? Have you taken advantage of tax deductions from your business? Share your experiences here!

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